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Stingray city really is a “must do” for visitors to Grand Cayman, whether you be a diver or a snorkeller! Situated in the protected waters of the North Sound of Grand Cayman there are actually two Stingray Cities.

The original Stingray city has 10 to 15 feet deep water and is ideal for divers and snorkelers alike. Generally much quieter than it’s twin City, the Stingray Sandbar, divers can get the true 3D experience of interacting with these beautiful creatures whilst snorkelers can enjoy the show from just above.

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If you are slightly wary of getting too close to the Stingrays as a snorkeller this is the place for you! You can float comfortably above the action and when you are ready our experienced “Stingray Tamers” can bring one up to you to meet on your terms! The original Stingray city is perfect for families or groups of divers and snorkelers as everyone can get in on the action, above and below the surface!

The Stingray Sandbar is, as the name suggests, a beautiful sandbar with a depth of between 1 and 3 feet where non-divers and even non-snorkelers can enjoy close interaction with the Southern Stingrays which populate both areas. The Sandbar can get quite busy, especially on those busy cruise-ship days, but we can easily time our visits here to avoid the crowds.

Generally we visit Stingray City in the afternoons as a 1-tank dive/snorkel combination trip but we can arrange charter trips at any time of the day to either location and can add on extra snorkel stops at some fantastic locations around the North Sound. You could even make a day of it and let us take you to Starfish Point or Kaibo Yacht Club for lunch in between your snorkel stops!