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Our rates are the best value for diving in Grand Cayman with great discounts for multiple days!

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1 Tank Dive | US$75.00
2 Tank Dive | US$110.00
3 Tank* (Cayman Rover) | US$165.00
1 Tank Stingray City Dive | US$85.00
Stingray City Snorkel | US$35.00
1 Tank Night Dive | US$85.00
Surcharge for Kittiwake Dive | US$20.00

* Indicates Lunch Included


Equipment Rental

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Regulator | US$15.00
BCD | US$15.00
Nitrox | US$15.00
Air Tank | US$15.00
Mask, Fins and Snorkel | US$5.00
Wetsuit (3mm shorty) | US$10.00
Dive Computer | Free
Package: Reg, BCD, MFS and Wetsuit | US40.00
GoPro per 2 Tank (Free 8GB Included) | US$50.00

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DIVING Packages

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3 x 2 Tank Dives | US$300.00
4 x 2 Tank Dives | US$400.00
5 x 2 Tank Dives | US$475.00
6 x 2 Tank Dives | US$540.00
7+  2 Tank Dives | US$90.00 per 2 tank Dive



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1-Tank Dive: for up to 4 divers | US$450.00
1-Tank Dive: for up to 8 divers | US$550.00
2-Tank Dive: for up to 4 divers | US$650.00
2-Tank Dive: for up to 6 divers | US$700.00
2-Tank Dive: for up to 8 divers | US$750.00
2-Tank Dive: for up to 10 divers | $US900.00
2-Tank Dive: for up to 12 divers | US$950.00
3-Tank Dive: for up to 8 divers Max | US$1150.00

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PADI Instruction

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Full Open Water Certification | US$500.00
Open Water Referral | US$330.00
eLearning Open Water | US$395.00
Advanced Open Water* | US$150.00
Rescue Diver eLearning | US$350.00
Divemaster | US$750.00
Discover Scuba Diving | US$120.00
Repeat Discover Scuba (1 Boat Dive) | US$125.00
Repeat Discover Scuba (2 Boat Dives) | US$165.00
Specialty Courses | Price on Request

* Plus Cost Of Dives