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Grand Cayman Scuba Diving with Wall to Wall Diving was formed in 2001 by the husband and wife team of Giles and Deanna Charlton-Jones. They met here in Grand Cayman whilst working together at Bob Soto’s Diving. Giles had always had the dream of one day operating his own dive business. Once he met Deanna their shared passion for the diving life was the catalyst for the formation of Wall to Wall Diving. Their love of the underwater world and desire to show other people the wonders of Cayman’s vibrant reefs and walls helped them to create the perfect formula for showcasing our sub aqua realm. The concept was simple. Take only small numbers of divers. Allow them as much “bottom time” as possible. Help their divers to learn as much as they want to about our marine life. Do it all in the most comfortable and safest manner.


Born in Oxford, England, Giles grew up in England but his mother’s side of the family was Caymanian and he always harboured the desire to spend more time in Cayman. Having travelled the world extensively before and after completing a degree in Business Studies he settled in London to work for Trailfinders, the premiere independent travel operator in the UK. Excellent vacation benefits meant that Giles could pursue his new found love of scuba diving and he worked his way up to his Instructor qualifications whilst visiting various far-flung dive destinations. With this objective reached Giles packed his bags, sold his possessions and made the move to Grand Cayman! Giles has been instructing and guiding dives in Cayman since 1995. Firstly with Bob Soto’s Diving for over two years and then with Divers Down where he enjoyed the freedom of diving with small groups. This has given him a wide range of experience with both large boats and large groups and small boats and small groups. With Wall to Wall Diving he has combined the best of both worlds: large boats and small groups.


“Another import from the UK. Originally brought up in the leafy suburbs of Kingston, Surrey, Steve led a normal run of the mill life until travelling in his early 30s. After completing a ‘year around the world’ trip in 2008 it was clear that the ocean beckoned. Using his diving skills honed in the frigid waters of the UK he quickly became a DM and then soon after an Instructor. Over the next few years he has worked in Thailand and Curacao but has made Cayman his home for the last decade. In that time he has captained various vessels all around the island. Likes beach life so much he even got married here!
He survived the pandemic by working for the Department of Environment on various projects but mostly centred around the conservation of the coral reef surrounding our island and joined Wall To Wall in December 2021.”


So, according to some I might be named dive enthusiast of the year, cannot get enough of that water! The ocean is my number one passion and love, and after I started diving at the age of 30 I have since not wanted to stop. Most courses were done in beautiful Indonesia, and topped it off with the IDC in the Philippines. Afrer the completion I went almost straight to Grand Cayman to work. Then a “quick” covid break back home in the beautiful country of Norway, before getting back in the instructing game in the Maldives. I came to realize I missed Cayman, and I am now back here again!
To say the least I am a very active and extroverted person, whos main priority in life is a positive attitude and good energy! A warm smile goes a long way, and so does diving! Come join me some feet below 🙂