Enriched Air (Nitrox) Certification Special deal


We can offer you a special on the PADI Enriched Air Online certification!!

Normally US$245 we are able to offer this course for just US$150!

Why get Nitrox certified?

The PADI Enriched Air Diver course is PADI’s most popular specialty scuba course. Why? Because scuba diving with enriched air nitrox gives you more no decompression time, especially on repetitive scuba dives. If staying down longer and getting back in the water sooner sounds appealing, then don’t hesitate to become an enriched air diver.

Because Wall to Wall Diving offers complimentary use of Enriched Air capable computers this course will put you in prime position to make the most of our super liberal bottom times!! Enriched Air is also highly recommended for more "mature" divers!! It adds an important safety cushion for anyone over the age of 50 (yes, unfortunately that now includes me!!)

How do you sign up for this special deal?

Contact me (Giles) at Wall to Wall Diving. I will need your full name as you wish it to appear on your certification card, your date of birth and your email address. Once I activate your request you will receive an email from PADI with a link to your "elearning". Once you have completed the course online the only thing left to do is come and see us!! On your first day diving with us we will give you a quick quiz, show you how to analyse your Enriched Air tanks, how to set your computer and then issue you your certification card. Simple as that!