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Diving in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman diving sites can be categorised into four main areas: North, West, South and East. The island is basically a mountain formed by tectonic plates pushing together. This means that the famous Grand Cayman Wall runs around the entire island giving us amazing wall dives on all four sides. Between the wall and the shore we have a multitude of shallow reefs, teeming with fishlife and with fantastic coral coverage. Grand Cayman has no rivers and therefore no river run off after rains making the visibility incredible year round. Due to our prevailing winds (from the Northeast during the winter and the Southeast during the summer) diving Grand Cayman is different throughout the year.

The dive sites on each side of the island also have different characteristics thus providing an amazing diversity of dives throughout our crystal clear waters. At Wall to Wall Diving we dive all four sides of the Island (weather permitting!) and so we can show you all that our underwater world has to offer!

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The North Side

The North wall is renowned for it’s dramatic, sheer drop-off and for common sightings of some of our bigger critters! It is the best area for seeing Spotted Eagle Rays and the elusive Hammerhead and Reef sharks. The best conditions for diving the North side are typically during the summer months (May through September) but we normally get calm enough seas to dive there one or two days a week during the winter also. Some of our favourite North side dive sites include Tarpon Alley, Eagle Ray Pass, Princess Penny’s Pinnacle, Roundabout and Queen’s Throne.

The West Side

The West wall is slightly more sloping in areas than the North but it makes up for that with amazing canyon-ways and swim-throughs. There is also a huge number of beautiful, shallow reef sites and the west side is where all of our wreck dives are situated. Being the leeward side of the island the seas are almost always calm making it the ideal choice for those of you without the best sea-legs! Some our favourite West side dive sites are Northwest Point, Big Tunnels, Trinity Caves, La Mesa and of course the wreck of the Kittiwake.

The South Side

The wall on the South side starts a little deeper than the North or West walls (around 65ft) but the scenery is spectacular with huge pinnacles and long swim-throughs for the braver divers! The shallow dive sites on the south side are some of the best on the whole island with incredible archways, swim-throughs and sea-life. Typically we dive on the South side mostly during the winter months. Some of our favourite South side dive sites are Hole in the Wall, Charlie’s Caverns, Bullwinkle, Japanese Gardens and Ned’s Tunnels.

The East Side

The topography of East end dive sites is a mixture of the North and South sides making for some spectacular wall dives and shallow dives. It is remote but Wall to Wall Diving visits the East End dive sites as part of our all day, 3-tank, Cayman Rover trips. Due to the prevailing easterly winds here the seas can get a little bumpy and so we pick our days to dive here carefully so as to get the best conditions. Some of our favourite East End dive sites are Babylon, Anchor Point, River of Sand, Jack McKenney’s Canyons and Ironshore Gardens.